Shiloh Hill Vineyard: A Serendipitous Conversation and New Release

Shiloh Hill Vineyard: A Serendipitous Conversation and New Release

This month, our elegant Shiloh Hill Vineyard Chardonnay gets the spotlight. Co-Founder and Co-Winemaker Adrian Manspeaker shares the history of the Shiloh Hill Vineyards and celebrates the release of the 2012 vintage.

With the release of the 2012 Shiloh Hill Chardonnay, I am once again reflecting on Joseph Jewell’s past and the relationships which inspired us to produce a Chardonnay.
Some time after our garage winemaking days, during the summer of 2011, Micah and I were hosting a winemaker dinner at the amazing Scopa Restaurant in Healdsburg. We love these events because they provide an opportunity to showcase our wines and mingle with the patrons. During this particular dinner, we struck up a conversation with Les and Jo Lesniak, a couple found sitting at the bar enjoying our Sauvignon Blanc. We engaged in conversation several times throughout the evening. Towards the end of the night, Les observed that we did not produce chardonnay. I confirmed that he was correct. Les lend over and said, “Well you should, and you know what, I have the perfect grapes for you.”  Throughout the years, we’ve met a lot of people with many ideas and you know what? Les was more than serious.
Shiloh Hill Vineyard
The following day we continued our conversation on the phone and subsequently scheduled a vineyard tour. Micah and I were very excited about Shiloh Hill Vineyard.  It is planted on an extremely steep hillside which is a mixture of volcanic rocks, Arbuckle and Positas gravelly loam. These vines were planted in 1990 making them 22 years old, which is fairly old for the new world. It was love at first sight for Joseph Jewell.
Serendipitous conversations can spark happy memories with amazing relationships developed over a glass of wine. How we came to produce a chardonnay is no different. We hope you enjoy this wine as much as we do! Below are the complete details on the new wine.
This is our second release for Shiloh Hill Vineyard. The 2011 was our debut hence the story above.  As some of you remember, the 2011 Shiloh Hill was big hit and had a lot of qualities that I like in a chardonnay.  Citrus, apples minerality and bright acid.  The 2012 vintage was featured in our spring Wine Club shipment and is similar to the 2011 in flavor profile; however, this wine is brighter in acidity and a little leaner in texture which makes it an even better match for food pairings.  The 2012 has a bright pale gold hue with a platinum glow.  It was aged in neutral French oak barrels for 11 months, picking up some of the texture from barrel without any of the oak influence.  This chardonnay did not complete malolactic fermentation which allows the vineyard sites to reflect the terroir the best.  With only 6 barrels produced, this wine is sure to go fast!
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Thanks for reading and I look forward to your feedback. Feel free to email me with questions or comments about Joseph Jewell wines.