Our mission is to produce wines that bring people together.

From unexplored vineyards in hidden coastal corners of Northern California…

…to renowned Russian River and Sonoma Coast sites, we create wines that combine character and approachability, community and drinkability. Every wine brings out the unique qualities of its vineyard and the personality and care of the people who brought it to life. Singular expressions of people and place, vintage after vintage, creating an outpouring of connection.

Elk Prairie Vineyard, Humboldt County
Bucher Vineyard, Sonoma County

What We Do

In 2006 we began making wine in a garage for people like us — back then it was all about creating high-quality wines that go with laid-back experiences, always bringing it back to food, friendship, and family.

All these years later, we’ve aged a bit, like some of our favorite wines, and we put family squarely at the center of all we do. It all happens within a vibrant and close community that surrounds the wine experience. From growing to making to drinking, we’re honing our craft and widening our circle with each vintage. 

We’re proud and humbled that we get to create small-lot Pinot Noir from the crown jewel Sonoma County sites in our own backyard. We can’t wait for you to discover the unexplored vineyards of our Humboldt County roots. 

Delight in the simplicity of well-made wines, created and shared in kindred spirit with you.

Who We Are

Adrian Jewell Manspeaker, Owner & Winemaker

Adrian grew up in the fog-shrouded coast of northern California, a ways out there. Humboldt is a patchwork of micro-climates that reflects the variety of challenges and rewards of winemaking. It’s a down-to-earth place that’s deeply embedded in every aspect of Adrian’s being. When he moved to Sonoma County, he uncovered an interest in the origin of wine and the evolution from vineyard to barrel to bottle. Once he was immersed in everything wine, what else could he do but keep going? 

His winemaking and viticulture studies brought him to UC Davis’s extension program while taking business management courses on the side. All the while living and breathing Pinot Noir. Putting theory into practice, Adrian joined C. Donatiello for the 2007 crush, then lent a hand at Peay Vineyards during the 2008 harvest. Inspired by working hands-on during crush and firsthand with Pinot Noir, Adrian embarked on his own winemaking adventure. Knowing and living where Pinot Noir grapes thrive, he began scouting out sources of fruit. He recalled the ideal foggy weather and redwood trees of his childhood and decided to revisit his old stomping grounds in Humboldt County in search of vineyards with this well-suited microclimate.

15 years in, Adrian’s winemaking endeavors have truly become a family pursuit. Lily, who grew up in Humboldt too, is an avid gardener, teacher, holistic dental hygienist, and culinary creator. Adrian and Lily’s daughters Harlow (2015 vintage) and Monroe (2017 vintage) get hands on, from winery punch downs to grape sampling (yum!) and picking and playing out in the edible garden.

Lily is an integral part of the winery and community experience – she really comes alive creating food pairings and joyful events. Her insights, ideas, and collaborative spirit are always tuned in as we pursue paths to organically grow the business, while staying true to our roots.

Lily Manspeaker
Harlow (in red)

Along with our community, we are the heart and soul of Joseph Jewell, from our vineyard friends to the tables of friends like you.


John & Diane Bucher
Bucher Vineyards

Jared & Tynel Sandifer
Fruitland Ridge Vineyard

Don & Sherie Johnson
Raymond Burr

Kirk Lokka
Hallberg Vineyard

Houston Muthart
Ryan Vineyard

Woody Hambrecht
Grist Vineyard

Chris Walden
Starscape Vineyard

Les & Jo Lesniak
Shiloh Hill Vineyard

Over the years and with tons of consideration, Adrian has created and nurtured incredible relationships with growers in both Humboldt and Sonoma County. We are proud to include many undiscovered and well-known vineyard teams as friends and integral parts of the Joseph Jewell family and experience. We could not make these incredible wines without the collaboration, care, passion, and stewardship of friends like these, all along the way.

Our Club Members

Alongside the growers, our Club Members are the core of our community. Many members have been with us since our first vintage in 2007 and every new person who joins adds to our story of connection. Maybe you’ll be next?

We’re always looking for ways to bring people together — from our vineyard dinners, lunch tours, and casual tasting room visits to virtual vineyard tastings. The Joseph Jewell vibe is as much about lifting each other up as it is lifting a glass (or two) side by side. 

Come discover the joy and simplicity of well-made wines, created and shared in kindred spirit with you.