Our mission is to produce wines that bring people together.

From unexplored vineyards and those with high acclaim…

…to the relationships we build along the way, we seek to celebrate the community that makes what we do possible. The result is a finished wine that showcases the singularity of the vineyard from which it came, and the people who encouraged that journey—the optimal expression of place captured vintage after vintage.

Elk Prairie Vineyard
Bucher Vineyard

What We Do

In 2006 we began making wine in a garage for people like us – those who crave getting together with friends and family to enjoy good food and great wine.

Since then, we’ve evolved into a family run operation that still embraces the community that has fostered our growth and the hard work that goes into making great wine year after year. The only advantage we had was the gift of hard work coupled with a desire to create something uniquely our own.

We’re proud to continue that passion today, crafting small-lot Pinot Noir from the unexplored vineyards of Humboldt County and crown jewel sites of Sonoma County.

Who We Are

Adrian Jewell Manspeaker, Owner & Winemaker

Having grown up on the fog-shrouded northern coast of California, Adrian learned early on to appreciate the complicated patchwork of micro-climates of his home. When he moved to Sonoma County, he discovered an interest in the origin of wine and the evolution from vineyard to barrel to bottle.

His wine country location allowed him to study winemaking and viticulture through UC Davis’s extension program and take business management courses on the side. Putting theory into practice, Adrian joined C. Donatiello for the 2007 crush, then lent a hand at Peay Vineyards during the 2008 harvest. Inspired by his experiences during crush as well as wines from local wineries such as Gary Farrell’s Pinots from the late 90s and early 2000s, Adrian decided to embark on his own winemaking venture. Armed with the knowledge of where Pinot Noir grapes thrive, he began searching for sources of fruit. He recalled the ideal foggy weather and redwood trees of his childhood and decided to revisit his old stomping grounds in Humboldt County in search of vineyards with this ideal microclimate. In 2008 his search led him to discover Elk Prairie Vineyard on Fruitland Ridge. Since then, he has slowly discovered other small vineyards that fit this mold and now sources fruit from Elk Prairie Vineyard, Ryan Vineyard, Phelps Vineyard and Fruitland Ridge Vineyard in Humboldt County.

Now, with 14 years of winemaking experience, Adrian’s winemaking endeavors have truly become a family affair. With his wife Lily (add Lily is from Humboldt) and daughters Harlow (2015 vintage) and Monroe (2017 vintage), the family behind Joseph Jewell is reflected in every aspect of the winery.

From Lily’s inspired food pairings, captivating events and insights and support on business growth, to Harlow’s assistance with grape sampling (punch downs) and Monroe’s help in the family’s impressive garden, it’s all hands on deck as they work to make wine and experiences truly representative of their community and life in Sonoma County.

Lily Manspeaker
Monroe & Harlow


Chappy Cottrell
Sales & Marketing

Dolores Puppione

Benjamin Haas

Small but mighty, is the best way to describe the staff that helps Joseph Jewell thrive. Comprised of only three members, Chappy (Sales & Marketing), Dolores (Marketing) and Ben (Winemaking) work with Adrian to enhance the Joseph Jewell experience for those just discovering our award-winning wines and those who are long-time fans.


John & Diane Bucher
Bucher Vineyards

Chris Walden
Starscape Vineyard

Don & Sherie Johnson
Raymond Burr

Kirk Lokka
Hallberg Vineyard

Houston Muthart
Ryan Vineyard

Woody Hambrecht
Grist Vineyard

Alan Estrada
Elk Prairie Vineyard

Jared & Tynel Sandifer
Fruitland Ridge Vineyard

Les & Jo Lesniak
Shiloh Hill Vineyard

Over the years and with careful consideration, Adrian has created and nurtured incredible relationships with growers in both Humboldt and Sonoma County. We are proud to include many undiscovered and well-known vineyard teams as integral members of our community and know we could not make the incredible wines we make without their stewardship.

Our Club Members

Alongside the growers, our Club Members are the core of our community. Many members have been with us since our first vintage in 2007 and we delight in adding new friends and family to our Jewel Club because it gives us more opportunities to share our wine and time. When we plan an event or experience, we do so with the following question at top of mind- How will this bring people together? Everything else flows from there. The wines we make and the times we share together help us thrive.

And, of course, our community includes YOU. We hope you’ll join us, we look forward to seeing you in the vineyard!

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