Wine & Chocolate Virtual Tasting

Discover Humboldt County
Pinot Noir & Craft Chocolate
Virtual Tasting

Thursday, December 3rd @ 5pm PST on Zoom

In partnership with Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate, Joseph Jewell Wines is hosting a virtual tasting event to uncover the hidden wine gems produced from California’s Lost Coast paired with some of California’s best bean-to-bar handcrafted chocolate. Purchase tasting kit below to register.

We’ll be tasting the following Humboldt County wines & chocolates…

2018 Eel River Valley Pinot Noir
72% Madagascar, Sambirano

2018 Alderpoint Vineyard Pinot Noir
75% Jamaica, Bachelor’s Hall *Limited Release*

2018 Ryan Vineyard Pinot Noir
72% Belize, Toledo

Cypress Grove Goat Cheese Included

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Less than ~150 acres of vineyards planted within 2.3M acres > compared to 46,000 acres of vineyards planted in Napa Valley within 96,000 acres

Wines compared to Premier Cru & Villages red Burgundy by Master Sommelier, Ian Cauble

Wines consistently scoring 96 – 93 points (out of 100) by Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Home to Avenue of the Giants – largest remaining stand of virgin redwood trees in the world

Cannabis growing capital of the world

280 miles north of the culinary mecca of San Francisco, “a secret wine scene is buzzing throughout the vast expanse of Humboldt’s towering Redwoods and stretching pastures, and it’s poised to make major noise,” states Master Sommelier, Ian Cauble. Among the ancient redwood trees & cannabis farms on the lost coast, some of the nations-best wine & spirits, craft chocolate & cheese are being produced.

“With 1,000+ farmsteads claiming stake to the county’s 2.3 million acres of land, and a quiet charm and cool climate akin to Burgundy, you’d think this would be a wine epicenter. But, in reality, just ~150 acres are planted to wine grapes. Accordingly, every row is scrapped for—albeit on an infinitely smaller scale than Burgundy.”

“a secret wine scene is buzzing throughout the vast expanse of Humboldt’s towering Redwoods…”

“Perhaps there is nothing more blatantly obvious than my affinity for Village-level and Premier Cru Burgundy,” writes Master Sommelier & Somm Select founder Ian Cauble. “Truly, it knows no bounds, but times are changing and the artisanal wine scene is soaring well beyond France’s confines: Sure, I won’t turn down a high-quality 2017 Burgundy, but place Joseph Jewell’s “Alderpoint Vineyard” beside it and the latter will be emptied first. If you think that’s fabrication, I urge you to put it to the test next to tried-and-true French names—the only regret you’ll have is the speed at which you consumed it.

Having just returned from Humboldt, I’ve been completely reenergized and am fully ready to put Joseph Jewell right up there with (and in many cases, past) $50+ competition from Sonoma, Santa Barbara, and yes, Burgundy, too… there’s no quiver in my voice when I say this could and should be the next big thing.”

Joseph Jewell Wines

In 2006 we began making wine in a garage for people like us – those who crave getting together with friends and family to enjoy good food and great wine.

Since then, we’ve evolved into a family run operation that still embraces the community that has fostered our growth and the hard work that goes into making great wine year after year. The only advantage we had was the gift of hard work coupled with a desire to create something uniquely our own.

We’re proud to continue that passion today, crafting small-lot Pinot Noir from the unexplored vineyards of Humboldt County and crown jewel sites of Sonoma County.

-Adrian Jewell Manspeaker

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

“Deeply rooted in a background of woodworking and boat building, we have always loved working with our hands, The concept of craft has been a guiding principle in our lives from the beginning. After hearing about what was going on in the young and growing American craft chocolate movement, we were drawn to the common threads we saw in working with wood and crafting chocolate from bean. We became fascinated with a new challenge and love the idea of reinventing the chocolate experience. In 2010 we bought some small-scale equipment and began making chocolate.”

-Adam Dick & Dustin Taylor

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